Global Migration, Mobile Youth and European Integration

The so-called „migration crisis“ framed European politics and policies on integration in recent years. Regional crises and the limitation of legal channel to enter the EU put European, national and local institutions under severe stress, and under scrutiny of human rights observers: externalization of border controls and violence, the management of asylum seekers’ application are issues at stake. Also, the recently issued new EU pact on migration and asylum, in the effort to couple border control, migration management and effective integration is unlikely to be effective given the premises of present and past problems.

The Summer School deliberates on these issues, as the inclusion of minorities from immigrant background – old and new – in education and labour market remains an open question; and there is extensive evidence of intergenerational inequalities in access and success for generations of citizens with immigrant parents, as much as of marginalization and exclusion of new migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.